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Other Badger Species

This page contains a little information about the other species of badger in the world today.

Hog Badger - Arctonyx collaris

These badgers are about the same size as the European Badger (Meles meles). It is up to 87cm long, because of a longer tail than the Eurasian's. Another significant differance between the Eurasian Badger are longer front feet. It lives in South-East Asia. They eat worms, roots, fruits and other small mammals.

Stink Badger - Mydaus javanensis, Mydaus marchei

These badgers are short and small creatures with a short tail. M. marchei can be up to 50 cm long. M. javanensis is up to 58 cm long. M. javanensis is found in western Indonesia, while M. marchei is found north-east of Borneo. They mostly eat insects and earthworms.

Ferret Badger - Melogale personata, Melogale moschata and Melogale everetti

This badger looks more like a rat with a long bushy tail. It has legs like the other badgers however, and they can grow up to 66 cm. M. personata can be found in around Vietnam, Burma and Thailand while M. moschata is found around North Vietnam, North Burma and South China. They eat small mammals, small birds, insects and plants (eg fruit).

Honey Badger - Mellivora capensis

This badger is similar in build to the European Badger. It is black with a large white or grey patch on its back. It is found in Africa, Middle East and India except the Sahara Desert. They eat insects, small mammals, frogs, fish, small reptiles and they also like honey.

Gareth Griffiths - 2004