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The American Badger
Taxidea taxus

The American Badger is found in the western US, south-west Canada and North Mexico.

They are about the same size as European Badgers but some are smaller. They measure from about 52 cm to 90cm. They weigh between 4kg and 12kg. As with the European badger, weights vary with season and location.

The facial markings of the American Badger are similar to the European's but the central white stripe is longer and thinner. Its legs are shorter that the European's and the body colour is grey to brown.

American Badgers are nocturnal creatures. Although they are rarely seen during the day, they are less nocturnal than european badgers.

In contrast to European Badgers, who are social creatures, American badgers usually live alone. They generally avoid others and will attack if they come in contact with each other although their territories may overlap. They only really meet up to mate and to rear young.

Badgers live up to 14 years but most live to under 10.

These badgers are mainly carnivorous and usually hunts small mammals. They also sometimes eat birds, eggs and lizards.

Gareth Griffiths - 2004