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The Herring
Clupea harengus

The pilchard is related to the herring. The herring family consists of about 200 species, including the Pilchard. The common herring is Clupea Harengus. Herrings are found around the seas of Western Europe but some are also found in the Pacific ocean. They swim around in schools and eat plankton and other small sea creatures. They can grow to up to thirty centimeters long.

It has a silvery underside and a blueish back. Like the pilchard, the herring is also a popular fish to eat. The herring's scales are blue-green to black on the top and silver underneath. The fish has small teeth on both jaws. Herring schools consist of millions of fish near the surface of the water.

Herring lay their eggs in shallow water. Thousands of eggs are released depending on the size of the female, which settle to the bottom. These will hatch within a couple of weeks. The young herring will be mature in a couple of years.

Gareth Griffiths - 2004